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It has been a while. I apologize for gaps in updates, but life happens. I have just set up a button that I'll be adding to the bottom of my pages that will allow people to donate to me. I've struggled with asking for money when there are so many other causes out there more important. This story, this universe I'm immersed in, it is very important to me. Your donations will help me eat, they will help me help others close to me, and they will help me finish several projects. To name a few projects which I intend to finish: The Baggy Brigade, Baby Playt (Animated Short Film), Playt EP, and it will help further me in my future projects which may include: Daily Webcomic, Book of Rhun, Redesigned Website (Orb), Wikia, Droid App Game(s), and much much more. I don't want to give away any secrets, although I have posted spoilers on my Lys Trilogy Facebook page, as well as free copies of my first two books. Oh yea, for anyone who visits my site but isn't on my Facebook, my second book is complete, unedited and raw still, and the third book is being written slowly for priority reasons. Any money donated will also go to keeping this website and domain name up and running, as they will both expire in three months. Thank you to any and all who are able to donate, I promise to make you proud. I love you all. Thank you to any fans who aren't able to donate, but still love me, because I love you too.


The Book of Playt has finally been published and approved for the premium catalog on Smashwords, which distributes to the Apple iBookstore (32 countries), Barnes & Noble, Kobo (multiple countries), Sony, the Diesel eBook Store and Baker and Taylor (the store and the Axis360 service for public libraries). It is also available on Stanza, Aldiko and Word-Player. You can purchase or read a sample of my ebook by clicking here. Click here to view my Smashwords profile.


It has been a long while since I've updated, but learning Blender has been a fun and frustrating ride. Here is a video of my progress so far.
And here is a link for some images of nature I made in Blender and some images of space I made in Gimp.


I've been working in Blender, trying to create a teaser trailer for my animation of Baby Playt. As a result I haven't updated anything on here, but I have uploaded PDF files of the rough draft of my first book and thirteen chapters of a new book I've been writing, Ynk. I also have some pictures of space that I made in Gimp using a tutorial I found here.


I've updated the Corner and uploaded a lot of my work. I have also updated the Cabinet to include submitted art and I am currently showcasing the poem Wodahs. In the future, I plan on making the Showcase a little prettier, but for now it is what it is. I am currently working on a cartoon for Baby Playt. I have changed some of the menus slightly and have removed some content due to spoilers. I encourage more people to start posting in Bliss-Terze, for right now there are very few of us there, but I moderate it daily.


I've slightly reassembled this site. I am now a little bit past where I left off. Bliss-TerZe is back, and you can chat or submit material to be showcased or submit feedback and questions regarding the site or the forums. I've condensed the Cabinet and the Corner into the Council, because one domain name is plenty. The Council needs some work, but it is moving along nicely. The Cabinet is where I'm focusing most of my energy at the moment. Once I'm happy with the Cabinet I will begin to showcase better. I'm thinking of removing the 15+ warning from several pages, it doesn't seem necessary.


I haven't been messing with my site for a bit and you may notice no changes to the layout. Only differences you might find is that it's been shattered and must be reassembled and brought back to life. It won't be easy, but I'm going to make it look easy. Always remember that as the universe continues to spin and collapse while growing you will find that the things you once found impossible come closer to reality and become easier to grab.


I have been messing with my site a little bit lately and you may notice some changes to the layout. For one, I have added Playt's Cabinet, where I will keep all of my submitted material. I also now have Playt's Corner, which will have sketches from ages ago along with photos and miscellaneous news. I will still keep the main news here at Playt's Council. Please feel free to submit at any time, and also feel free to send feedback.


A short update. I have added a warning label to the mainpage of my website. Not all of my pages are set up yet, but I do have a submissions center if anybody is interested. The showcase for these submissions has yet to be added, and I have quite a bit to keep me busy as of right now. I may be moving to California around tax season of next year. I am excited and anxious, but not really scared. What I'm scared about is my moneyz :\ We will see.


This main page is what the rest of the site will look like when I'm done. I finally found a way to make the top menu work in Internet Explorer, so I'm going to run with it. Thanks goes out to Tedd at I found the site through google..


No changes have been made because I am disappointed in the way Internet Explorer reads my site. For all content, please use Mozilla Firefox. E-mail me if you notice links that aren't currently up and I will convert them to the new layout for you. Thanks.


As you can see the website has taken on a few more changes. I learned enough PHP to make my job one hundred and a half times easier. Within the next few days I should be converting more and more of my website over to the new look. It won't be long now. It has been a while since I had a fully working website. Makes me happy. :)
BTW, I almost forgot. There may be a video interview with me coming soon to this website. Stay tuned.


Happy New Years Everybody!
It has been almost 3 months since the last update. If you look around you will see that the site has changed quite a bit. I have recently learned some CSS and have been playing with it. CSS was originally the reason that my site has been looking like crap lately. I wasn't happy with it so I never finished the GreenDysh design, and thus it became a pretty useless site. With this new CSS I have learned it should be much easier to convert my entire site and leave no stone unturned. Time; it will take; but not as much as it would've before.


Tis been a while since the last update. I've added another forum and Dragon Darkness's Writings. I have been lazy for some time now, so I will not be changing anything else that's wrong with my site. Be patient folks. UPLAYT(1-17-08): Site Maintenance.


The New Layout is being worked on. It may take some time so please be patient while changes are made. Feel free to browse the website and email me with submissions or feedback. Thank you! -RCW


The epic journey of Playt is almost at an end. I have officially completed the stories of his entire life, with one special exception. The Book Of Playt is now in a complete rough draft form. To read through it (unrevised, unedited), then email me and I will be glad to let you read it. My Email is listed below. Feel free to send me any type of feedback as well as questions or complaints. The Epilogue is still unwritten for this book. -RCW

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