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I do not regularly work on this section of the site as I had originally planned to do. I get sidetracked and forgetful, and for that I apologize. I had been meaning to upload all of the artwork from my good friend Scarlet, but instead I will link to her site because it is very well put together. I should have made this the showcase last month since it was the month of her birth, but it didn't occur to me. Please everybody enjoy her artwork. I wanted the showcases to last a month long, but so far they have been lasting longer, I hope nobody minds.


This is my first update in a while, and it's just to update the Showcase for November. The last Showcase lasted two months, which is fine with me because it was relevant to the month of October. Please enjoy High Wire Girl, written by my mom.


I have uploaded some art that was submitted a long time ago. I have also set up the Showcase, and the first piece to be showcased will be Wodahs, written by a good friend of mine, Dragon Darkness (James Williams) 3/21/1986 – 10/31/2008. I hope you have found the peace of mind you were looking for.


Changed some things with the Cabinet, uploaded The High Wire Girl and some of my mom's poems. I will post news on any updates and once I've decided how I'm going to showcase things I'll let you know here.



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