Eradicated Volition

1.Splintering Fatality

The little girl screams. “Ah! Oh, quit it Blud! You scared me half to death.” Her tone changes and she smiles at him. “What are you doing after school?”

“Don't say school when we're at recess. That place is a joke. I don't want to think about it if I don't have to.”

“Oh Blud. You're so cute. Heh!” The kindergarten girl grabs his straw hat and runs off. The top of Blud's head starts to burn and sizzle as the red cracks of skin begin to get pelted by the Dussyllian Sun.

Blud darts after his classmate Meghan. The pain is unbearable and tears begin to spill from his huge eyes. He grabs the hat from her while holding his screams and places it on his head. He instantly turns and walks away from her.

“Hey... I'm sorry.”

The boy stays facing the other direction, not wanting his friend to see his tears. He stops and says simply, “I'll talk to you tomorrow.” Then he walks off.

She starts to follow but she cannot see him anywhere. It is as if the boy was erased from reality.

Meghan is frantic and begins to breath heavy and look around as if lost.

And then she hears a soft voice.

“Relax. I didn't disappear, I just shape shifted.”

“You what?”

“I changed my shape. I'm the rock you keep almost stepping on.”

Meghan looks down at the rock and she is instantly light headed. “What is going on? Is this some sort of sick joke? I'm too young to be having hallucinations. What drugs did my mom do while she was preg...”

“Shhh!! Keep your voice down.”

Kids start to turn and look at Meghan. Then some of the teachers look over at her with questioning eyes. She grabs the rock and puts it into her book bag. Then she starts to walk back inside the building and decides to tell everybody that she isn't insane.

Yet she quickly realizes she is losing all sanity. She starts to twitch and look around at people awkwardly. Her mind races and she begins to cry at random. Much like Beth did, Meghan begins to have suicidal thoughts at a very young age.

The principal calls her into his office. She comes in with her book bag held tight and the rock inside.

The principal confronts her and after about an hour of speaking with her he finally gets her to pull the rock out and put it on the table.

“You say this is Blud? The Hero's son? This is a rock my dear. Take the day off. I will have a talk with your parents and they will pick you up shortly. The rock however is staying with me.”

“No! You don't understand! You can't have that rock, it's mine!” Meghan reaches for the rock quickly, but the principal pulls it closer to him and puts it in one of his desk drawers. Then he nods at her and whispers Ok? She begins to cry again and throw a fit, so the principal escorts her out of his office and into the nurse's office until she has either calmed down or her parents have arrived.

In the meantime, Blud is in desperate need to escape before somebody else knows his secret. His father had always told him not to shape shift in school, but he never understood why.

Now, he fully understands. In an attempt to sneak out he shifts into a spider and begins to climb up to the open window.

Before he can however, the principal returns and splatters the child with his newspaper.

2.Finding Retribution

As the principal turned away and started to sit back down to call his wife, something caught the corner of his eye. Slowly he turned and witnessed the horror of Blud's dying broken body. His heart sank. Immediately he ran out of his office and fainted in the hallway.

Meanwhile in the nurses office, Meghan was explaining to the nurse how uncrazy she was, and how her mom might have done drugs while...

That was when the hall monitor busted in and took several deep breaths before being able to speak. His skin was white and his eyes began to roll back into his skull.

The child had been at the school for 3 years, and never had he been so homesick. “It's... it's Blud... And the principal.”

Lysandus was struck hard by the death of his son. His first instinct was to take out his anger on the principal. A whispering hate from within began to grow with each passing day, and he knew it was Evil's voice. It had been an ongoing war between Alesandra and Evil, and Lysandus was the battlegrounds. Although Evil was stronger than her, his essence within Lysandus was only a portion of his true potential and so Alesandra was able to hold him off. When his son died, Lysandus so badly wanted to side with Evil.

But he held it in.

Only a few days passed before Lysandus had to leave Dussyllia. He could not look at the world any longer. It had become his hell.

He began thinking about Playt, and how he had resurrected most of the souls lost in the near apocalyptic destruction of Dussyllia. Perhaps he could do it again. Perhaps he could bring back Blud.

Lysandus wandered the desert sands of Aspimiria and did not eat. He did not sleep, and he did not stop. He was bound and determined to make things right, or die in the process.

He did not care. Either way he would see his son again. In death or in the physical world, there would be a reunion.

Eventually, Old Playt appeared out of nowhere.“Lysandus... I see that you have become quite the warrior. I expect you want to revive all of those lost souls still.”

“Yes Playt. Tell me...” Playt disappeared and then reappeared. Lysandus only slightly hesitated, and then he continued, “..what I must do.”

“Lysandus, you must venture into Ghester's Tomb. There you will find...” Playt disappeared again. This time it took several seconds before he reappeared. “The Spirit Symbol.”

And then Playt was gone.

Lysandus was confused, but intent on doing what he had to. So he traveled to his father's tomb.

All was silent in the underbelly of Aspimiria. Not even his father's soul was speaking or evident that day. As he explored he noticed movement of a small yellow bug like creature. The bug had about ten tentacles spread throughout its body, hanging down like hair and bouncing as it scampered. Lysandus followed it to a crack in the ground. Then it crawled through the hole and was gone.

Lysandus listened for the moments that followed, and deep within the ground he could hear something crawling. Then he heard a garbled voice and soon after several others.

The Warrior raised his strengthened glove and slammed it down on the cracked floor. The crack grew and more cracks appeared around Lysandus.

Then the whole floor caved in and he began to fall. The fall was several seconds, and Lysandus thought it to be at least a 50 yard drop. As he fell he could see a large demonic castle built below the surface. As he approached the ground ever more quickly he suddenly noticed over three dozen lifeforms walking about and running daily routines.

He slammed down to the ground in a crouched position and was hardly scathed at all. He had suffered much worse in his life.

At first he was only noticed by a few of the underground dwellers. Then they all turned to him and began to glare.

3.Pop Quiz

“Do any of you know where the Spirit Symbol is?” Lysandus asked in the kindest voice he could muster. From within, Evil spoke.

That voice is no longer your true voice. You have been tainted.

Lysandus shook the voice and suddenly noticed that the underbelly population had moved a step closer to him. Out of the corner of his eye he spotted the yellow bug scamper off and into the shadows. Lysandus ran after it but soon lost track of it. When he looked behind him he saw that the beings were less than five feet away from him, motionless.

“Uhm... I mean you no harm, I merely wish to find the Spirit Symbol.”

The inhabitants continued to stare at him and did not answer.

Lysandus turned and started walking towards the castle. They followed his every step and when he decided to start running away from them they clung to him like glue. Lysandus was unable to run and had to settle for a slow walk.

Eventually he was completely covered by these strange creatures. “I do not want to cause any of you any harm, but I must get into that castle.”

A voice from above spoke in a deep and mocking tone. “You may have to cause harm in order to enter. You have killed before correct? I know you remember. Do you remember how it felt afterwards? You felt justified didn't you? Embrace that feeling and you may enter the castle Lysandus.”

“Who are you? How do you know my name, and where is the Spirit Symbol?”

“Why, the Spirit Symbol is inside the castle of course. Where else would it be silly, out in the open? As for me?” A jester-like figure floated down from the top of the castle steps and towards Lysandus. “I think you may recognize me as Dr. Garmani. I am the father of Sotirod and Ledgenog. Don't tell them I'm down here however, for they surely want me dead. Oh... what am I saying? They are already gone from this world, thanks to you.”

“I did not murder your children Mr. Garmani.”

“That's Dr. Garmani, and I did not say you murdered them with your hands. However, if you had never existed in the first place, they would still be alive. They would be worse than ever and they would be ruthless cold blooded killers. The world would be a much darker place, you did the right thing.”

“And you're telling me that I need to murder in order to get through the castle doors?”


“And I'm telling you I don't have to murder anybody.” Lysandus pulsated his muscles and all of the beings fell off of him and lay unconscious at his feet. They were unharmed. Then he began to run towards the castle's steps.

“Very well done Lysandus, but I was not talking about those bugs. I was talking about a person.”

Lysandus stopped suddenly because out of nowhere Dr. Garmani had reappeared at the top of the steps. “So you're telling me I need to kill you?”

“No. I'm telling you that you must kill the man right inside the doorway.”

Lysandus slowly walked up towards the top of the steps and the doctor faded away. As he approached the door Lysandus had no fear. When he opened the door, he was ready to cry.

It was the principal. He hadn't seen him since he heard of his son's death. He could not see him, he had refused to. Now he was forced to. Forced to face reality.

Lysandus went to his knees and huge tears fell from his tightly closed eyes.

“I never liked that little retarded kid. I was happy when I killed him.”

“This is not the principal.”

“Well... in a manner of speaking, you are correct. So I guess it's no big deal then. Go ahead and kill him for your first test and enter the castle.”

“First test?”

4.The Castle

“Ah yes, there will be many tests. I'm not obligated to tell you any more.”

“I refuse to kill this man.”

“Then you fail. I guess your son didn't mean that much to you anymore. Just a second ago you were so ready to bring him back. So determined. Oh well, I guess you'll have to climb out of here and go home to your lonely wife. She misses you, you know?”

“Fuck you! My wife understands what I am doing and we both loved our son very much. I will see her after I am able to bring him back.”

“Incorrect. You will never see her again. She will get a new boyfriend eventually and they will raise the resurrected Blud. You will no longer exist. Sounds to me as if you should just go back to her and make another one. I mean, you've already failed the first test. I like that anger however. You should release it more often. It suits you. This goody goody shit isn't you anymore.”

I told you, Evil said from within.

“But this man is not the source of my anger, you are.” Lysandus turned to face the doctor.

Quicker than Dr. Garmani could react, Lysandus tapped him in the face with a light punch (light for Lysandus anyhow). The doctor's head slammed back and hit the steps. His skull had cracked open and Lysandus went down to try to help, not actually meaning to harm him. As he looked at the blood coming out of the gaping hole, he realized something. This was not the doctor, this was the principal.

“Oh, Lysandus! I've been wanting so badly to speak with you. I am so sorry about your son. I wish you would have told the staff that he could mutate. We could have avoided this whole thing. Wait...*cough*... how did I get here?”

“I didn't want Blud to be the center of attention at school. It happened to me and my head filled with arrogance and selfishness.”

“*cough*... well. I'm really sorry.” The dying principal began to cry and plead for forgiveness.

“I forgive you sir. I know that it was an accident. I wish things could have ended differently for us.”

“As do I Mr. Hero. *cough* *cough*”

The principal tensed up and then collapsed. All of his muscles relaxed and his eyes became motionless. Lysandus held his victim and cried.

“Aw, how tewt. Da widdle boy's death has been avenged. Feels good doesn't it?”

“No. It never feels good to have to be pushed to the point of anger.”

“Quit lying to yourself. That may be how you used to feel, but not any longer. Your soul has been tainted. I can smell the wicked within you. You have a cold blooded killer living inside your head. Unleash him. Your reign could conquer all. You could rule many worlds with ease.”


Dr. Garmani sighed. “Very well, enter the building.”

As Lysandus crossed the threshold of the castle doors he involuntarily tensed up and heard whispering all around him. He could feel weak energies pulling on him from every direction. He could sense the life force of the castle itself and knew it to be more ancient than the planet itself. It was as if the castle had been moved here from some distant galaxy.

A cold chill ran down the back of Lysandus's neck as if wind blew from an unseen window. The door behind him slammed shut and the voices got louder. They called out to him to join them and follow them. He had no choice but to obey their pleas. They led him deep into the basement of the castle and warned him of traps and places where they could not go. These voices intertwined and floated, and on occasion Lysandus could not understand what they were saying.

But deep down he knew. He knew that it was the voice of the Spirit Symbol.

Calling out to him.

It had been waiting.

5.The Fusion

Spirits tugged on Lysandus and he followed. Slowly they led him to the right side of the large central staircase. Under the stairs he now saw a broken and battered door. It creaked open as some invisible force turned and pulled on its doorknob. Lysandus walked through the doorway to be confronted with steps descending into darkness. An eerie feeling crept up Lysandus's back. He shivered as he stared into the darkness below. Deep inside he sensed something wicked and beyond him watching.

Brave Lysandus entered and descended.

The further down he went the darker everything got. The steps stopped and then to the right of them was more steps leading down. Lysandus heard a whisper and movement down below. He attempted to peer into the blackness but he saw absolutely nothing.

He continued walking down the stairs and then he heard something small scurry beside him then up a wall. The sound was gone. Slowly looking over in fear he saw nothing.

Within he slowly began to panic but was able to calm himself and continue.

He slightly lost sense of direction and balance as the darkness completely enveloped him. He staggered, fell to his knees and sat for a moment to calm down.

Right next to him he heard a growl and then some type of beast was upon him. He could not see the beast, but he definitely felt it as the beast bit into his arm and held on for dear life. Lysandus punched into the darkness and ripped the beast to shreds. The jaws of the beast slowly loosened from his arm and fell to the side. The wound hit the oxygen and Lysandus slightly cringed.

Lysandus stood up and began walking again. He got down another flight of steps and then heard another growl. Then another.

Multiple beasts. Lysandus stood there silently and tried to judge how many there were.

And then they were upon him. Even after all five of them had clenched their teeth down on him it took a few seconds before he realized how many there were. Slowly he began to lose consciousness.

One of the beasts pinched a main nerve and it caused him to stagger forward. Lysandus tripped and began to plummet down the stairs.

Within his mind Evil spoke sincerely to Lysandus. He begged to have control so that he could annihilate the monsters of darkness. Lysandus refused and held the wicked within back.

Soon however, he was unable to. Evil lunged forward and ignited the body of Warrior Lysandus. The flames lit up the deep stairwell and the beasts whimpered in pain as they ran away. Suddenly Lysandus was full of life.

Uh... this may be the only time you hear this, but thank you Evil.

No problem retard. Glad I could help.

Lysandus had found the bottom. He stuck out his hand and Evil lit his glove on fire. The floors and walls lit up and Lysandus could see the brick and wood that made up the passageways before him. Lysandus wandered fairly aimlessly throughout the catacombs, until he began to be pulled again. The maze was endless. Suddenly he heard a snap under his foot.

He looked above him to see the ceiling falling down with rapid speed.

Lysandus dodged the trap with ease and Old Playt clapped from the ceiling which he was now standing. “You're doing very good Lysandus, just keep going.”

And then Playt was gone again. Lysandus kept walking until he came to a door. He opened the door to see candles lighting a small room with a podium at the other end. On top of the podium was a glowing green object. The object was oddly shaped and seemed to float on invisible wires. It called out to him in a female voice and begged to be embraced. Lysandus began to reach for it when he heard a whisper say NO. He turned his head to the right to see Old Playt crumbling into ceramic shards and falling to the ground. Witnessing this death of Playt, Lysandus's hand wandered aimlessly closer to the Symbol. As he touched it the fusion began. His muscles quickly deteriorated as he morphed and twisted into a small red newborn baby. Playt had been born.

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